The tow hook install was extremely easy   All you have to do is: 

1.   go buy the tow hooks  

2.   remove the T-55 torx head bolts from the bumper exactly where you see the hooks installed above in the picture  

3.   Put the  hook on and using the bolts supplied with the hooks, tighten it down real tight, some people suggest trimming the rubber bumper thingy that is on the front of the bumper, I did not, I just tightened down on that tow hook until the hook kinda just sunk into the rubber bumper.  

4.   After the first hook is installed just do the same for the other one and you are finished.

5.  Well almost finished, I would suggest painting those bolt heads black if ya have the non-finished ones like me, after less than a month I see some rust developing on them and some on the hooks.   I am gonna remove both hooks and spray them and the bolts  down with some black spray paint then reinstall them.